Latest News
  • Trustees visit the Children’s Trust and the Grange to hand over the proceeds from the Stonegate Foundation Launch Event
  • Planning secured at Bracknell Bus Depot to provide 242 residential units and up to 225 sqm of commercial space.
  • We are delighted to announce the appointment of James Harding as our new Construction Director.


The driving philosophy of the Stonegate Foundation is to help local good causes in the communities in which we operate. This brand-new community fund is aimed at supporting those that are helping to improve the welfare and quality of life of those that are disadvantaged within the Dorking and Mole Valley area. We also want to continue and extend our support of local community events and festivals, local schools, sports and social clubs.

Whether your requirement is for £50 or £50,000 we would love to hear from anyone at the following organisations as to why we could help you:

  • Registered charities
  • The elderly and other members of the local communities that maybe disadvantaged through no fault of their own
  • Local sport and social clubs
  • Local Rotary and similar community organisations
  • Local scouting and guiding groups
  • Outdoor activity centres for young people
  • Environmental conservation organisations`
  • Social and community events; festivals; exhibitions; fetes; galas and concerts that help raise funds to support local good causes

Please send us an email to outlining how and why we can help your organisation. Feel free to be creative and add photos and short videos if you thin that will explain your story better. The Trustees will meet in the first quarter of 2019 and the first awards will be made after that time.

To get in touch with our team please call 01306 884277 or email